about us

The year 1959 marked the birth of our parent company, New Creation Manufacturing, which began the manufacturing of bed sheets, comforters, pillowcases, and towels. The vision to this day is to become the leading manufacturer of high quality bed linens in the country. Thus the company strives upon being the best; not only from a product standpoint, but from a service point of view as well.

In 1972, the company ventured into infants and children’s wear catering to both international and domestic markets, making it the leading manufacturers of infants wear in the country. The company has also acquired several international licenses which all began in 1996 upon the acquisition of Disney license. From this point forward, the company was able to develop strong relationship with Warner Bros., NBA, Hot Wheels, Barbie, Marvel, Justice League and Sanrio.

The company achieved a unique milestone in 2003, as Canadian Manufacturing became its own entity, finding a new home but still under the same corporate umbrella. Spearheaded by company President Mr. Hiro Asandas, Managing Director Mr. Ravi Daryanani and a collection of spirited and very dedicated management group, the company has continued to prosper and ideally, will continue to ascend to greater heights as the years press on.